20 x APA102C individually addressable 5V 5050 RGB LED

20 x Loose Individual Leds

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You are purchasing 20 individual APA102C LED's, a 5050 style led with a built in micro!
These LED's use 5V which makes them incredibly easy to work with and drive.
Depending on the microcontroller you are using, you may need a level converter.
I have the chips running with both Arduino and Raspberry Pi, here is a short video I made with the chips running on the Raspberry Pi 2.
Please excuse my messy workbench. :-)
The way these APA102C led chips work with data and clock pins, you will be able to successfully drive them even with a Raspberry Pi
as the timing is less significant than with the WS2812 family. ie. You can clock data in at a more friendly rate.

Make your own smart LED arrangement with these  APA102C 5050 RGB LED with Integrated Driver Chip (5mm x 5mm), easy to solder and the most compact way possible to integrate multiple bright LEDs to a design.

These LEDs use generic 2-wire SPI and are able to transfer data much faster than previous versions (800 KHz protocol) like the WS2812S RGB LEDs. They also have much higher PWM refresh rates, and improved Persistence-of-Vision (POV) with less flickering, particularly at low brightness levels.

The APA102C LEDs are 5050-sized with an embedded microcontroller inside the LED. You can set the colour/brightness of each LED to 24-bit colour (8 bits each red green and blue). Each LED acts like a shift register, reading incoming colour data on the input pins, and then shifting the previous colour data out on the output pin. By sending a long string of data, you can control an infinite number of LEDs, just tack on more or cut off unwanted LEDs at the end. The PWM is built into each LED-chip so once you set the colour you can stop talking to the strip and it will continue to PWM all the LEDs for you.

The APA102C has a high PWM rate. You only have to set the 24-bit colour data for each pixel LED once, and then the LED+built-in-chip will handle the PWMing of the red, green and blue. They have a 20 KHz PWM rate, so even when moving the strip around, you won't see the pixelation, the color blending is very smooth.

***This item is sometimes sold under the made up name 'Dotstar' - but this is just a name. Our APA102 chips come from the same factory and are exactly equivalent****



Comes in a package with 20 individual LEDs.




SKU IF_A924D385
Brand Logicware

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