What's New?

Here you will see the latest products to land at Logicware as well as any future incoming products
that are currently in the design / evaluation phase.

If it's new to our store, you will see it here first.

May 2017

JustBoom DAC and AMP Hats have arrived!
These are among the highest quality audio DAC HAT and AMP HAT for your Raspberry Pi 3
Made in the UK and fully supported through popular audio software, these are the right products for 
the true audiophile.

Chuwi Tablets are here!

The Flagship of the Chuwi range, the brand new Hi13 with 3000x2000 display!
There is also the Hi10 Pro which features a 10.3" screen and dual boot android and windows 10

These are both in stock with various accessories and ready to ship!
I've been using both over the last month and they really are great devices. Which is why I decided to introduce them to the store.

Raspberry Pi 3 - Price Crash!
Price drop on the Raspberry Pi 3, For a limited time down to $52.95 (including a heatsink kit), these are currently the best price you'll get from any retailer
here in Australia.