DC Voltage Detector & Sensor Module

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So what can you use this for?
Anywhere that you need to keep tabs on a battery and accurately monitor it.
Worried that your radio controlled device is about to run flat and head off into the distance?
Install this and keep tabs on your voltage and know when enough is enough!
You can use this in any installation or project where there is DC voltage present and you'd like to keep track of it. Both
from an availability perspective and a monitor on the voltage range itself.
Module Description:
This module is based on  resistive voltage divider design principles, It is capable of reducing the voltage of the input terminal connection five times.
You can use a 5V maximum voltage on the ADC side of the module so which allows for a maximum of 25V on the input side.
If 3.3V is used, the input voltage must not exceed 16.5V. 
Because  AVR chips use 10 bit ADC, the maximum resolution of this module is 0.00489V (5V / 1023), so the voltage detection module detects minimum input voltage is 0.00489V × 5 = 0.02445V.
Input voltage range: DC0-25V
Voltage detection range: DC0.02445V - 25V
Voltage analog resolutions: 0.00489V
DC Input: positive terminal connected to VCC, GND negative pole
Output interface: "+" then 5 / 3.3V, "-" then GND, "s" then the AD pin
Reference Code:
int val11;
int val2;
void setup ()
 pinMode (LED1, OUTPUT);
 Serial.begin (9600);
 Serial.println ("Logicware.com.au");
 Serial.println ("Voltage:");
 Serial.print ("V");
void loop ()
 float temp;
 val11 = analogRead (1);
 temp = val11 / 4.092;
 val11 = (int) temp; //
 val2 = ((val11% 100) / 10);
 Serial.println (val2);
 delay (1000);


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