Standalone TF Card MP3 Decoder Board 2W Amplifier Module

Mono playback also makes a nifty SD Card reader/writer

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This is a standalone MP3 Player, you could interface it to a microcontroller
to control the playback of the songs on the sd card, but not to hear audio through the microcontroller itself.

Item Description:


  • Working Voltage: 3.7V Lithium Battery 600MA or 5V USB Power Supply
  • Chip:GPD2846A
  • Chip Footprint:SOP16
  • PCB Size:34.23MM*22.33MM*1MM
  • with 2W Mixed mono
  • With Power supply ,it can play Automatically
  • With LED indicator
  • Supports MP3 format playback
  • Supports USB audio mode
  • Supports 3 types FM radio chip : RDA5807, BK1080 and RTC6207E.
  • Does not support infrared remote control.
  • Does not support USB device mode
TF card MP3 decoder board with 2W power decoding module 3.7-5V mixed mono playback volume memory with memory
TF card MP3 decoder board without TF card, support to play MP3 music files, is currently testing 16G TF card support, and then a big yet tested
3.7 lithium battery or USB 5V to power,
3 Group white box top right corner of the board into three groups touch of a button, the middle of a group to play pause button, press the up and down two sets down song key, press the volume up and down 2 Leader + - adjusted.
There customer needs its own modified U disk player, please ask for information to the store manager, ability is not strong Oh does not recommend changes to prevent it burning board, change U disk player USB 5V power supply is recommended, because some old U disk is 5V power supply, 3.7V lithium battery voltage is not supported, so the battery, leading to U disk can not be played, as long as the new U disk support 3.7V power supply is normal play.
With 2W mono amplifier, power amplifier maximum output 3W 5V supply (recommendation 4 ohm 3W speaker with a small card small speaker on the sound quality is good, sounds great, if that was not enough volume, please directly for 4 Euro 5 watts speaker, loud to scare you, absolutely surprised, hey In other 4 Euro 5 watt speakers, the amplifier chip cooling attention Oh, plus the best heat sink)
There are customers to reflect amplifier when playing music, there will be the phenomenon of heat, or amplifier tube amplifier chip fever is normal, then they do not open to the large volume of the amplifier, the speaker output short circuit (resistance 0 ohms) is not going to burn amplifier chip can be assured.
There customer need to go back to the board to do the pre-amplifier, power amplifier does not need this board, then go back to their own amplifier, you can press the following modifications, the board amplifier chip (8-pin chip) removed, and then from the Master 4 feet and 6 feet (two feet left and right channel output controller chips), each series with a 104 (or 224) of the capacitor to the input of the amplifier can be (capacitive isolators to prevent the same power supply When burned in the fire, or late-stage master chip amplifier tube), and the remaining one wire from the negative pole to the amplifier input common
There customer need to go back to the board modification listen to music with headphones, the board of the amplifier chip (8-pin chip) removed, and then the first 4 feet from the master and 6 feet (about two feet of the master chip channel output), each series with a 104 (or 224) of the capacitor to headphone left and right channels, leaving a line connected to the headset from the negative common terminal
Automatic power play
Loop with memory function, after the next power continues from the last played tracks from the new play
Play. With LED indicator shows
PCB board size 34.23MM (about the distance) * 22.33MM (distance from top to bottom) * 1MM (thickness)
Appearance maximum size 37.09MM (about the maximum distance) * 22.33MM (maximum distance from top to bottom) * 2.97MM (maximum thickness)
3.7V600MA a lithium battery (043,545), fully charged, can be used to open the largest volume of about 3.5 hours, it is power
Master chip introduced
1. Overview
GPD2846A for MP3 player with FM radio function and LineIn features designed chips.
2. Main Features
It supports MP3 playback format.
Playable T card / SD card, U disk, FM, and external audio sources (LineIn), inserted after the first broadcast, but also by Mode key switch.
Automatically detects the headset is plugged in, and so by the IO port (Mute) Switch the external power amplifier directly, without external transistor.
Support the volume size, the number of songs stored on T ... Cards / SD card, U disk, users can save EEPROM
It can automatically detect and decide whether an external EEPROM in EEPROM or T card / SD card, U disk, save the settings.
In an AD-key port to achieve various key combinations.
There are two groups AD-key keyboard to choose from.
FM radio chip supports 3: RDA5807, BK1080 and RTC6207E.
It does not support infrared remote control.
It does not support USB device mode.
It supports USB audio mode.
Package Type: SOP16 package sheet.
3. Applications
FM radio function MP3 player, no screen mini speaker.
4. pin assignment
Pin # Pin Name Description
1 V33REG DVDD33 digital power 3.3V.
2 V50REG VMCU / BAT lithium battery input, 3.3V ~ 5V.
3 VSSREG DVSS Digital ground.
4 DACOL DACL left audio signal output.
5 VCOM center audio signal Vref, please plug 1uF capacitor voltage.
6 DACOR DACR right channel audio output.
7 LINEIN_R LineInR + L LineIn left + right input.
8 IOA4 AD-key buttons.
9 IOA3 FMCLK if IOA3 pull-down resistor to ground, IOA3 will output clock signal to the outside
Hanging FM radio IC. If IOA3 is vacant, FM radio IC will
Shall take their 32768Hz crystal.
10 IOA2 Mute Mute: Mute for external amplifiers do.
11 DM DM USB of DM.
12 DP DP USB of DP.
13 IOA0 IO-key / LED (1) plug-in LED light: Output "1" represents the lit LED.
(2) as well as IO-key1.
(3) as well as options, are used to define the key mode.
SD_CLK: clock output T card / SD card.
SD_DET: detecting whether there is an SD card is inserted, to read "0" means insertion.
Please connect a 3.3KΩ resistor Shimoji.
SD_CMD: T card / SD card command and response.
I2C_CLK: I2C the clock; the external EEPROM, and FM.
SD_DAT: data input T card / SD Card / output.
I2C_DAT: I2C of data; and an external EEPROM FM.
5. AD-key function key operation
(5-1) AD-key a total of S1 ~ S8 total of eight buttons, including four buttons S1 ~ S4 MP3 playback mode (that is, U disk and play
Play SD card / T card) behavior by "IOA0 / LED pin is pull-up resistor on plug" to decide.
Please V33REG pulled through the 22KΩ resistor.
We IOA0 / LED did not hang Roption called "Key mode a" hang Roption called "key mode two."
(5-2) Key definitions:
[Prev]: Previous, played on an MP3.
[Next]: Next, play the next MP3.
[P / P]: Play / Pause, between play and pause between each switch.
[V +]: Volume +, increase the volume.
[V ++]: Volume ++, long press will continue to increase the volume until you release the button.
[V-]: Volume-, decrease the volume.
[V--]: Volume--, long press will continue to decrease the volume until you release the button.
[Scan]: Scan ALL FM-band, the 87.5MHz ~ 108.0MHz automatic station search once again, and to have a radio signal channel
Storage. Store up to 50 stations.
[Scan +]: Tuning to 108MHz, 108MHz direction from the current channel to search for the closest valid station, then stopped play
The radio station.
[Scan-]: Tuning to 87.5MHz, 87.5MHz direction from the current channel to search for the closest valid station, then stopped play
The radio station.
[CH +]: Skip to the next (frequency +) saved FM radio stations.
[CH-]: Jump on a (frequency -) saved FM radio stations.
[RW]: Rewind, MP3 rewind.
[FF]: Fast Forward, MP3 fast forward.
[Mode]: Mode switching "sequence is SD card / T card U disk FM Line In; Cycle.
In terms of the Mode button to switch to the corresponding mode, playback mode, the correspondence media must exist, otherwise it will automatically jump down a mold
Style. For example, after the terms of the Mode button to switch to the Line In Mode, you must insert Line In line role, and if found
Cut down a Mode automatically when inserted.
[Repeat]: In two cycle mode switch, All (the whole song cycle) Single (single cycle)?.
[EQ]: the sound field effect "Normal (normal) Classic (Classic) Bass (bass) Live (live) Rock (Shake


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