What's New?

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Has Landed!
The very latest Raspberry Pi 3 is here today. Featuring Dual Band Wireless AC and a faster CPU, 1.4Ghz, this is the Pi you want.  Only $54.95 + shipping

Stock available, reserve/order yours today


Genuine Arduino Uno R3's now for sale. These are imported from China and are the real deal. They come with a nice little baseplate as well. Fully boxed and Genuine Product.


I wanted to let you all know that the BBC micro:bit is now available. I have plenty of stock, so schools if you are interested buy now so you can be ready for the new year with your BBC Micro:Bit classes!  Micro python is a great language to get started with and it's used on a lot of bigger and more powerful devices so what is learnt with this language can be used for many years to come.


October 2017

Just in time for xmas the iFixit Essentials Toolkits have arrived.  If you ever need to dissasemble a tablet or mobile phone then you should have one of these on hand. I've used it myself to repair a tablet and it works a treat.


Ok these are super cool. Ever wanted to turn your Raspberry Pi 3 into a full blown Desktop? Now you can. This kit will allow you to fit a hard drive to your Raspberry Pi 3.
You'll need to have your tech/geek hat on for this one as it requires a bit of work to convert the pi to boot from a hard drive, but once its done you'll never look back with all that storage!


I have received a shipment of Tronsmart Mars G01 Controllers - 2.4ghz Wireless. These are an xbox style controller and I have to be honest they are quite possibly the best controller I have ever used. Compatible with Retropie as well as your PC (I am currently using one to fly around in Xplane-11). Awesome value for money. You won't be dissapointed with these.

September 2017
NESPi - Raspberry Pi Case / Enclosure
Genuine Retroflag NESPi Case. NOW IN STOCK!!
These suit Raspberry Pi 3 as well as some of the previous Pi Models.

JustBoom DAC and AMP Hats have arrived!
These are among the highest quality audio DAC HAT and AMP HAT for your Raspberry Pi 3
Made in the UK and fully supported through popular audio software, these are the right products for 
the true audiophile.


Raspberry Pi 3 - Price Crash!
Price drop on the Raspberry Pi 3, For a limited time down to $52.95 (including a heatsink kit), these are currently the best price you'll get from any retailer
here in Australia.